Sell your wines with Alfred

resale of wines and spirits

How does it work?

Do you want to sell collectible wines, old vintages, fine spirits or your entire wine cellar? Alfred is the only authorized platform by the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) that allows private collectors to sell their wines. Benefit from a network of nearly 15,000 potential buyers and obtain the desired profitability depending on the market.

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Select your bottles

When making your selection, remember that the condition of the bottle can influence its value. Our evaluation takes into consideration the fluid level as well as the condition of the label and the cork.

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Send your product list

If you have 100 products or less, we invite you to complete the following Excel file. That way, we will have all the information necessary for the evaluation of your file. Return the file to

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Analysis and proposition

Your file will be given to one of our sommeliers to determine the market value of each product and you will quickly receive a proposal. Note that declining products will be excluded from the proposal unless they are considered collectible products.

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Pickup and sale

Once you have accepted the proposal, one of our inventory management experts will pickup the products from your home in order to deposit them in our storage cellar. They will be put up for sale on the platform 24 to 48 hours later.

Do you have more than 100 products to sell?

The sale of your products will require turnkey support. One of our wine cellar management experts will come to your home to assess your collection and take care of everything.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely yes. We hold a license from the SAQ which authorizes us to sell wines and spirits legally in the province of Quebec.

Under our agreement, we act as an agent with the authorization of the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) to allow a private collector member with an inventory of wine to sell certain products to another member, under the control of the SAQ. Our role is to ensure that the products sold on the platform are in good condition and sold with a warranty covering defects – valid for one year.
The process follows the consignment of the product which will then be put online to be sold to the buying member. It is up to the stakeholders involved to ensure the respect of the legal or tax conditions related to the transaction.

Payment for sold bottles is always made on the 15th day of the month following the sale. You simply have to send us a void check and payments are made by direct deposit.

To facilitate the shipping and handling of products, we prefer to deposit your bottles in our storage cellar. Your bottles are insured and stored in a safe space with optimal cellaring conditions – temperature, light, humidity, storage. Exceptionally, we can accept that a customer keeps the bottles in his own wine cellar and we coordinate a pick-up once the product(s) have been sold. Please note, however, that shipping charges may apply.

The selling price is established according to the market value in Quebec. This operation is carried out by one of our sommeliers. Some products require photos to assess fluid level, label and cork condition.

Our operating costs are between 20% and 25%; they cover the amount we give to the SAQ, the bottle insurance and the operating costs of the platform. Fees may apply for picking up your products if they are not identified with the Alfred label.