Edition Limitée 1972

The 50th Anniversary Box Set of the 1972 Summit Series

Get this unique collector’s item to be displayed at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Summit Series 1972-2022

Get a unique collector’s item to be displayed at the Hockey Hall of Fame

Many of you remember exactly where you were the day Paul Henderson scored the deciding goal in what would later be called the Summit Series. Fifty years ago, on the ice in Moscow, Team Canada 1972 won a historic eight-game duel in front of more than 15 million Canadians. Let’s celebrate an iconic team that has triumphed over its opponents and earned a permanent place in the hearts of Canadians.

Relive the intensity and excitement of the Summit Series with this collector’s box set celebrating its 50th anniversary.

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Contents of the Collector’s box

Let’s celebrate a golden anniversary together

Meet the players from the series

Relive the intensity and excitement of the Summit Series in a private evening and chat with Team Canada 72 players. Each box includes an invitation to attend the event of your choice:

  • December 2022 – Recognition evening
    Videotron Stadium, Quebec City
  • Spring 2023 – Private Party
    Field hockey Hall of Fame, Toronto
  • Spring 2023 – Private Party
    Location to be confirmed, Montreal
  • Winter 2022 – Spring 2023 – Private Party
    Location to be confirmed, Florida

*** Other private events are currently being confirmed. All details will be sent to you by email.

A box engraved with the players' signatures

Handcrafted by a Canadian artisan, the wooden case is itself a coveted collector’s item with the signatures of former players etched into the wood.

50th Anniversary Box Set Admitted to the Hall of Fame

This valuable collector’s item will be displayed in one of field hockey’s most prestigious institutions – the Hockey Hall of Fame. It includes a numbered certificate attesting to the authenticity of the box and its contents. Only 2,000 units will be available worldwide.

A jersey autographed by the player of your choice

If your heart sways to Ken Dryden, Serge Savard ,Phil Esposito, Paul HendersonYvan Cournoyer, or any other Team Canada player, the set includes an official reproduction of the Team Canada 72 jersey with the number and autograph of the player of your choice.

An exclusive aged gin by Phil Esposito

Each set includes four 750 mL bottles of the official Team 72 gin – including a numbered bottle of aged gin signed by legend Phil Esposito. This bottle will be offered exclusively in the Summit Series box set.

Meet the players

Hockey legends invite you to a private party

At the start of the Summit Series, we never envisioned that this event would go down in history. We would never have thought that it would captivate the attention of 16 million Canadians (out of 22 million at the time). We, the players of Team Canada 72, are all connected by the same element – a deep sense of pride in having participated in a series that changed the world of hockey forever and, above all, in the historic legacy that it will leave to future generations. That is why we want to celebrate this event with you – we look forward to hearing your stories and being able to share ours with you. Get the Summit Series collector’s box set and we will meet at one of our private parties in the winter of 2022-2023.

– Serge Savard, Phil Esposito & Ken Dryden –

Summit Series 1972-2022

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